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  • 02:56:40 pm on June 2, 2009 | 1 | # |

    Cycling ban on Promenade lifted after nearly 20 years – Edinburgh Evening News .


  • 11:43:39 am on July 4, 2008 | 0 | # |

    .citycycling .issue 37 online now!

  • 09:20:54 am on July 3, 2008 | 1 | # |

    So how dangerous is cycling?

    Statistically becoming much less so as more people take to two wheels. Strength in numbers is a principal that cycling enshrines. In 2007 the number of cyclists killed or injured on London’s roads was 19 per cent down on 1994 – when the number of journeys by bike was half what it is today. The signs are that motorists are adjusting their behaviour in response to the increase in cycling activity around them, and cyclists are learning the art of survival.


  • 11:27:38 pm on June 9, 2008 | 0 | # |

    Obama Loves Riding in the City


  • 11:35:00 pm on June 5, 2008 | 0 | # |

    £8,500 to Park a Car

    “More than 200 extra car parking spaces are to be created at Musselburgh, Cupar and Stonehaven stations with £1.7 million of Transport Scotland funding.”


  • 12:51:52 am on May 4, 2008 | 0 | # |

    Biofuel not the answer, says Banks

    “ONE of Scotland’s leading authors has called for the scrapping of new European targets for replacing petrol and diesel with biofuels derived from plants.”

    Scotland on Sunday story

    Last year Iain Banks sold his car collection.

    Guardian story

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  • 10:08:39 pm on April 29, 2008 | 0 | # |

    “Everyone does it and always has,” explains one Cantabrigian. “It’s just the way Cambridge is.

    The culture of increasing cycling.


  • 10:49:57 am on April 20, 2008 | 0 | # |

    “Grangemouth strike will leave Scotland with ‘no fuel for a month'”

    “SCOTLAND IS today facing the nightmare prospect that it will be without fuel for at least a month’ if a strike by workers at the country’s only crude oil refinery goes ahead as planned.”

    Sunday Herald

  • 07:19:35 pm on April 1, 2008 | 0 | # |

    More Bike Bargains at Lidl

    It’s only a month since Lidl had a range of bike related items for sale. From Monday (April 7th) there’s a smaller range of items – including a couple of pumps, a small bag of tools and a big box of tools that should cover most bicycle jobs.

    Previous experience indicates that the items are good value for money and likely to sell out quickly.

  • 08:10:15 am on April 1, 2008 | 1 | # |

    “The Mayor in charge of traffic and environment, Klaus Bondam, has a new idea.

    So he has now proposed something City Hall calls ‘Intelligent Traffic Control’.

    It involves setting up sensors that measure air pollution in Copenhagen and the levels of pollution they report will regulate the traffic heading into the city.

    If the pollution levels are too high on any particular day, all the traffic lights on the main roads into the city will turn red and stay red longer than normal. The time the traffic lights are green will be reduced by 10 percent.”

    More from Copenhagenize

  • 06:47:38 pm on March 29, 2008 | 0 | # |

    Hoy extends GB gold haul to nine

    BBC story

  • 01:05:46 pm on March 27, 2008 | 0 | # |

    TryCycling on Sunday

    This month’s trip starts at Ainslie Park Leisure Centre – “3½ hour leisurely cycle ride including rests & a coffee break”.

  • 08:24:29 pm on March 21, 2008 | 0 | # |

    Cyclists battle for road survival

    Cyclists will tell you it’s a jungle out there, especially on the busy, car-choked streets of our major cities.

    Motorists and pedestrians, on the other hand, will gripe about those who have got on their bikes, complaining that they don’t stick to the rules – or paths – designated to them.

    Now Conservative leader David Cameron has pedalled into the argument, after being photographed by the Daily Mirror jumping red lights and cycling the wrong way up a one-way street.


  • 07:36:29 pm on March 21, 2008 | 0 | # |

    Cameron ‘sorry for bike mistakes’

    The newspaper filmed Mr Cameron on his route to work David Cameron

    Conservative leader David Cameron has apologised after being photographed ignoring red lights and cycling the wrong way up a one-way street.

    Pictures in the Daily Mirror newspaper showed the politician breaching traffic rules as he cycled to work


  • 08:47:06 am on March 17, 2008 | 0 | # |

    I recently did a very simple, very unscientific survey over at Kent’s Bike Blog. I asked my readers to answer the questions Why Do You Commute By Bicycle? or Why Don’t You Commute By Bicycle? I got a lot of very good responses to those questions and a couple of big themes became apparent as I read through people’s answers.

    The number one reason listed by folks who do commute is Fun.

  • 02:47:58 am on March 13, 2008 | 0 | # |

    “Increased demand for biofuels is driving up food prices and accelerating climate change, as rainforests are destroyed to grow fuel. But with strong global sustainability standards, we can ensure that biofuels help, rather than hurt.”


  • 09:16:26 pm on March 9, 2008 | 0 | # |

    “Peak oil is not a threat but an opportunity to force through the policies needed to combat climate change, according to London Mayor Ken Livingstone.”


  • 05:06:41 pm on March 7, 2008 | 0 | # |

    Leith Cycle Co – the bike shop on Leith Walk – has a new web site.

  • 09:15:15 am on March 7, 2008 | 0 | # |

    citycycling: the online magazine for cycling… in the… city.

    issue 33 online now

  • 11:56:58 am on March 5, 2008 | 2 | # |

    “the company promises to reimburse your ticket if the train is more than 5 minutes late”

    But it’s not the UK…

    Madrid to Barcelona in two and a half hours

    But does it take bikes?

  • 11:40:08 pm on February 28, 2008 | 0 | # |

    S.F. probation officers bike to clients

    “In a city where the local government gets the most attention for big, brash moves like same-sex marriage and universal health care, Darrin Dill is doing cutting-edge work in San Francisco’s adult probation department with little more than a bike, a helmet and mirrored sunglasses.”

    San Francisco Chronicle

  • 10:04:19 am on February 28, 2008 | 0 | # |

    Will it catch on?

    More info

  • 08:01:20 pm on February 27, 2008 | 0 | # |

    Boris: I’ll let motorbikes use bus lanes like cyclists

    London Evening Standard

  • 09:28:29 am on February 27, 2008 | 0 | # |

    “If children playing in the streets is an indicator of the success of a city, then Havana’s streets may be some of the most successful in the world.”

    New film (4 mins – watch here) from Project for Public Spaces

    “As you sit thru his reflections and wonderful montages of what he saw, think about what our streets might look like if they were designed for living and not for speed.”

  • 11:56:55 pm on February 26, 2008 | 0 | # |

    Scrapping bridge toll adds half an hour to road misery across the Forth

    “TRAFFIC congestion around the Forth Road Bridge has soared since the abolition of tolls, according to new figures compiled by vehicle monitoring experts.”

    Scotland on Sunday

  • 09:24:43 am on February 26, 2008 | 1 | # |

    Road-rage attacker hit motorcyclist with mallet, court told


  • 09:03:59 am on February 26, 2008 | 0 | # |

    The Things you Might See on a TryCycling RidePhoto by Mike Lewis (worth a click)

  • 08:12:45 am on February 25, 2008 | 0 | # |

    “BRAZIL’S President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva has said that land in the Amazon region will not be used for the production of biofuels.

    Mr Lula said Brazil was doing its part to combat ecological devastation in the Amazon brought on by logging and land-clearing for cattle and soy, but angrily denied accusations from critics in Europe that the sugarcane Brazil uses to produce ethanol could end up carpeting the planet’s largest forest.”


  • 11:33:43 am on February 22, 2008 | 0 | # |

    From Speedway to Soccer

    One time Hibs star Alex Cropley must have picked up a few skills (and fitness) as a Cycle Speedway racer in Edinburgh.

  • 10:18:42 am on February 22, 2008 | 0 | # |

    “Mary Beth Kelly’s story is as inspirational as they come.”

    In 2006 her husband was knocked off his bike and killed.

    “Rather than forsaking cycling after Carl’s death, Mary Beth and her children Zoe and Asher got right back on their bicycles. Perhaps most important, Mary Beth has emerged as an outspoken and eloquent advocate for New York City cyclists. She now serves on the advisory council for Transportation Alternatives, where she is working to create and pass comprehensive complete streets legislation in honor of her husband.”

    Great Video

  • 12:42:29 pm on February 21, 2008 | 0 | # |

    “Government plans could smooth the way for cycling”

    CTC, the national cyclists’ organisation today cautiously welcomed government proposals to ensure road works are completed with less disruption to road users.

    CTC campaigns and policy manager Roger Geffen said “For too long the emphasis has been on getting road works done quickly rather than properly. This merely leads to slap-dash jobs which always need more repair work later on.”

    “Time will tell whether the government has got the balance right,” he added.

    CTC Press Release (Word doc) | DfT press release

  • 08:02:17 pm on February 20, 2008 | 1 | # |

    “Professional trouble-shooter and creative problem solver, Kris Murrin is on a mission to stop traffic for just one day in three of England’s most congested locations. King Canute tried to stop the tide rising, but Kris has to convince local councils to get behind her campaign and then change the behaviour of car users who rely on their vehicles to get from A to B daily.”

    The Woman Who Stops Traffic, Channel 4, Tuesday 26 February 9pm.

  • 10:10:38 am on February 20, 2008 | 0 | # |

    The Bicycle Clown Brigade in New York

    “They rose early and in small groups of no more than a dozen, wearing costumes and miniature roadside cones for hats, they patrolled the streets, looking for cars that were illegally parked in bike lanes. The Clown Brigade would surround an offending car, and, in pantomime, before crowds of bemused spectators, try without effect to push the car out of the way.”

    Orion Magazine

  • 11:42:18 pm on February 15, 2008 | 0 | # |

    “Without plentiful cheap oil, motor and air transport become unviable. Our financial system, premised on endless growth, is incapable of addressing new, shrinking economic conditions. And when you remove artificial fertilizers made from fossil fuels, the earth can support only 1bn or so people – so we seem to be heading for mass starvation.”

    Has oil production peaked?

  • 06:46:18 pm on February 15, 2008 | 0 | # |

    Boris’s manifesto? He’ll teach Ken how to ride a bike – Independent

    “Mr Johnson won the biggest laugh of yesterday’s 100-minute session when he said Mr Livingstone should “lead by personal example and learn to ride a bike”. He told the Mayor: “I am willing to give free lessons – in complete safety and discretion. It is high time that, like me and every other cyclist in London, you face the full horror of trying to overtake a bendy bus.” Mr Livingstone was not amused.”

  • 08:17:36 pm on February 14, 2008 | 0 | # |

    “Ben’s days starts off bad, after having a collision on his bicycle with a bendy bus it goes rapidly down hill.”The BillWhat a cop out….No bendy bus on screen, just a bike with a bent back wheel! 

  • 01:48:11 pm on February 14, 2008 | 0 | # |

    The Lord Mayor’s Radical Cycle Visions

    “Giving cars first priority in the Copenhagen traffic is a thing of the past. From now on cycling will be taken more seriously, whatever the cost.”

  • 10:10:51 am on February 14, 2008 | 0 | # |

    “True scale of C0₂emissions from shipping revealed

    Leaked UN report says pollution three times higher than previously thought”


  • 09:14:12 am on February 14, 2008 | 0 | # |

    Cities as a climate and energy solution

    Many Americans with varying levels of awareness about the climate and energy crisis tend to have a bit of blind trust in the technological powers-that-be. While perhaps wringing our hands about the problem, there’s a latent belief that the “smart people” somewhere will figure out a way to get 100 miles-per-gallon, get fuel from switchgrass, or finally run our cars with banana peels, beer cans, and trash poured into a “Mr. Fusion” like Doc Brown and Marty in “Back to the Future.”

  • 09:05:15 am on February 14, 2008 | 0 | # |

    My Other Car Is a Bright Green City

    “..reining in fuel standards and auto emissions, for instance, is not nearly as important to present and future generations as developing communities that behave more like cities..”

  • 12:03:23 am on February 14, 2008 | 0 | # |

    Edinburgh cycles to work – new Flickr group

    Why not add some of your photos?

    “Work” can be school, college etc.

    Anything that shows that all types of people uses bikes as a normal part of their daily lives in Edinburgh.

    Trips to the shops count too!

  • 04:46:55 pm on February 11, 2008 | 0 | # |

    “Bicycle friendly” – there’s a Wikipedia page!

  • 11:58:46 am on February 11, 2008 | 0 | # |

    “Mayor unveils programme to transform cycling and walking in London”

    “With the introduction of a central London bike hire scheme with 6,000 bikes available every 300 metres, cycling will be accessible to many more Londoners and will become a fully-funded part of the public transport network for the first time. There will also be new commuter cycle routes from inner and outer London and cycle zones around urban town centres.”

    Press release | CyclingEdinburgh story

  • 10:31:27 am on February 11, 2008 | 0 | # |

    Registration for Bicycles: Bad Public Policy

    “A recent study commissioned by Mediabank Privat identified the cost of physical inactivity to the federal health budget at $1.49 billion each year and Governments are struggling to encourage more people to become physical active.”

  • 11:00:12 am on February 10, 2008 | 0 | # |

    “We want nothing short of a cycling transformation”

    Ken Livingstone on plans to spend £400m “to stimulate a 400% increase in the number of people pedalling round the capital by 2025.”

    Guardian Saturday February 9th 2008

  • 02:57:55 pm on February 8, 2008 | 0 | # |

    “I’ve been asked to think of ways I would make the bicycle more popular.”

  • 01:37:19 am on February 8, 2008 | 0 | # |

    Editorial by Carlton Reid, Editor of UK trade magazine Bike Biz (Feb 2008)

    2007 was a weird year. It was wet for much of the summer, yet cycle use in urban areas didn’t sink.

    In London, cycle use continues to sky-rocket despite the fact that it’s still a nightmarish place to ride a bike. For all the millions pumped into cycling by Ken Livingstone, there’s not been a huge change in infrastructure. Much of the increase in cycling is down to providing information about cycling and shouting about it from the roof-tops.
    (More …)

  • 08:03:57 pm on February 7, 2008 | 0 | # |

    “Hackney Council aims to attract and increase the number of female cyclists within London, but understands that a barrier to women taking up cycling is its image.”

  • 06:11:11 pm on February 7, 2008 | 0 | # |

    “Celebrating America’s Most Livable City”

    Video about Portland.

  • 03:36:26 pm on February 7, 2008 | 0 | # |

    “It’s my fault the Northwest does not treat bicycling with respect.”

    ” I polled Sightline’s staff and board of directors—about as pro-cycling a group of people as you could hope to find. Of the 22 people who responded, 17 belong, or at some time belonged, to the AAA/CAA. I am among them: a former AAA member. Just six belong, or at some time belonged, to a bicycle or pedestrian organization.”

  • 01:58:18 pm on February 7, 2008 | 0 | # |

    “Although I was braking, the bike reacted in a fashion that pitched me over the handlebar”

    Evening News